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Canadian Buyers


Below are popular and common questions that we at Mister Rogers Homes have answered for many of our Canadians customers. If you're interested in purchasing property in beautiful sunny Arizona, please call or email us and we'll be happy to assist any way we can. If you do not see the question or concern that you have below, PLEASE ask it. We will reply as quickly as possible.

Thank you and have a BEAUTIFUL day. -Mister 'Shawn' Rogers
Questions about the Logistics of Buying a Home:

Who will/can manage my property?

Can I rent my property out (part/full time) like a timeshare?

Other than taxes and insurance, what other costs might there be associated with buying a home?

As a Canadian, do I need to hire an attorney to help with the closing costs of a home?

How should we purchase a home? What are the steps?

Is a gated community better than a non-gated one? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

What about property taxes? Do I have to pay them annually?

Can Canadians obtain homeowners insurance on a 'seasonal residence'?

What is an HOA?

Is it better to have a Home/Condo in an HOA Community?

Questions about Arizona's Weather:

Does it ever snow or get cold there? What are the average temperatures (in Celsius) during the summer and winter months?

When does it start to cool down and heat up in Arizona?

Questions about Arizona's Scene/Job Market:

Is it easy to get around on Arizona's highways and bi-ways?

How expensive is water in Arizona? Where does it come from?

What is there to do in Arizona in the summer and winter?

Are there plenty of places to shop in Arizona?

Other than golf, what other sports do they have in Arizona ?

(Yes, we have ice hockey and fishing, just no ice fishing; yet)